We take the security of our customer information very seriously. Here are some of the security features of this website.

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Is it safe to use the online Will and other services?

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If I am using the online Will and other services, how secure is it?

When you step through any of our services at, including our online Will service, you will be entering a lot of personal information. It is reasonable to seek some reassurance around the privacy and security of your data. has been online since 2001, and in this time we have never experienced any compromise of our data systems. We do not sell, exchange or pass on your information to any other company whatsoever. But let us explain a little more about how we protect your information.

Protected with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

We provide 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) and recommend that all members turn on this feature within their account, to protect against unauthorized access. 2FA works by adding an additional layer of security to your online account. It requires an additional login credential – beyond just the UserID and Password – to gain account access. Getting that second credential requires access to something that belongs to you, such as a cell phone and/or a personal email address.

Encryption of data passing between you and

All information passing between you and the services at (including our online Will service) is authenticated and encrypted using 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. This means that if your information is intercepted on its way to us, then it would be entirely unintelligible. We use Comodo to provide this service. Also, most browsers will display a padlock in the address bar. This means that information is securely encrypted. You should never submit information to any website unless this padlock is visible in your browser address bar.

Use of your credit card information

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not store your credit card information on file. As soon as you have completed a transaction, your credit card information is removed from our system.

This is important for two reasons. Firstly, we cannot "lose" this information if somebody were to access our database without the authority to do so. It also means that we cannot automatically charge you anything on a recurring basis. You will never be charged anything by unless you step through the payment process.

Your information stored at

None of your information is stored in our database as plain text data. This means that we do not store your Wills, or any other plain documents. If there was unauthorised access to our database, nobody could see your Will or any of your other documents, including your Messages, Living Will, LifeLocker or Vault. The documents are compiled and generated on command, based on the information that you enter (for example, married = 1, single = 2). The data is further encrypted using "RSA" - a cryptosystem developed by two MIT professors.

The only way that information can be accessed is through your own personal "key" which is your User ID and Password. It can also be accessed by your designated Keyholders® if you choose to take advantage of this service. If you choose to have your documents printed and sent to you, or reviewed by our lawyers, then you invoke a temporary decryption of your data.

Our security traces

We capture all activity performed within an account, including unsuccessful login attempts. Each account has a security trace that logs IP addresses, with timestamps. This information can and will be used for law enforcement purposes if there is any suspicion of unauthorised activity on an account.

Our services are secured against data loss

Our servers are backed up on a daily basis to a different location. If there was a physical problem with any of our servers, your personal information would not be lost. At the physical location of our computer systems we have protection against fire, flood and electrical issues. We also have 24 hour electronic monitoring of our computer systems. In addition, we have a 24x7 uniformed guard service with interior and exterior CCTV coverage.

Ongoing security vulnerability and penetration testing

Our database is scanned weekly for security and vulnerability issues, and our web server is scanned monthly to ensure it is fully protected against any new and emerging security vulnerability threats.

The team at

Experts agree that the most significant risk to data privacy and security is the team entrusted to maintain the service. At, we do not employ temporary staff, nor do we use offshore or outsourced staff. All of our services, including the online Will service, were developed by our local team and no contract staff were used in the development of our services. Every single member of the development and support team has been with for over a decade. We all enjoy working here and love to help people prepare their estate planning documents.

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We have given a great deal of thought to the privacy and security of your information. Our business relies on it. Please try it for yourself. We have worked with some of the top estate planning lawyers in South Africa to bring you the best online Will service available anywhere today. We can assure you that our service can help you prepare a professional quality Will. Try us out, and then decide.


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