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MyVault™  - Making a Will online? Use a digital vault.

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Upload your important documents and other digital assets.

  • Writing your Last Will and Testament is a very important step in preparing your estate plan for your loved ones.

    You may even have taken the extra step of preparing a Living Will, or a financial Power of Attorney. These documents all make the key appointments that you need to conduct your affairs if you were ever incapacitated or you passed away. But your estate is made up of much more than just bank accounts.

  • Do you have important personal files or documents that need to reach key people at the appropriate time?

    Perhaps you have been working on a book, or you have old family photographs, or you may have a spreadsheet with all of your login credentials. Perhaps you have family recipes that you do not want to lose, or have documented your family tree. There are countless pieces of information that don't belong in a Will or Power of Attorney, but are an important part of your "estate". Now you can upload these documents to the MyVault™ service.

  • Using MyVault™, you can upload any digital files.

    These can be documents, photographs, audio recordings or films. You can then secure the files to ensure that they reach the right people at the right time. All the time your account is active at, you can add and remove files from the MyVault™ service.

  • At, we protect your files until they are unlocked by your designated Keyholder®.

    This happens once you become incapacitated or have passed away.

  • The MyVault™ service has the ultimate versatility.

    You can use it strictly for important legal and financial information. Or you can use it to document your personal spiritual beliefs in an "Ethical Will". Perhaps you want to record and store video messages or audio recordings for your children or grandchildren. These can all be stored in the MyVault™ service.

  • Your vault is secure and private.

    At, we use advanced encryption technology to ensure that nobody can see what you have uploaded. Not even the team at Only you and any designated Keyholders® will ever see the content of your Vault.

  • Using modern technology to solve an age-old problem.

    For years, people have used a sealed envelope to protect information from prying eyes: "Please open after I am gone". At, we've created a proprietary Keyholder® system. You can update your Vault throughout your life and nominate a Keyholder® with the responsibility to unlock that Vault at the appropriate time. We let your Keyholder® know where the Vault is located, and inform you if there are any attempts to access the information prematurely.

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Upload important documents and digital assets right now using the MyVault™ wizard

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MyVault™- Frequently Asked Questions

Any file that can be put onto your computer can be put into your Vault. This includes video, audio, documents, PDF's, spreadsheets, scans, jpeg files. Anything.
The MyVault™ service uses our proprietary Keyholder® mechanism to ensure that your information only gets to the right people at the right time, and not before. After you have placed content into your Vault, you will name trusted Keyholders® who have access to the content. Each Keyholder® will be given their own unique Keyholder® ID. When the time is right, your Keyholder® will request access to the content in your Vault. At this point, we will automatically send you a notification by email to give you an opportunity to block access to the content in your Vault. You also set up a time delay before the content is released, this can be expressed in hours, days or weeks. Once this time passes, your Keyholder® will be able to view the contents of your Vault.

Your choice of Keyholder® is important. We do have safeguards in place to protect your content, but we would expect you to select a trusted individual as your Keyholder®.
MyVault can be used together with our other premium services such as MyWill™, MyLivingWill™ and MyLifeLocker™. With the purchase of any premium service, you receive a one-year active account. You can then choose to extend the account beyond one year, either on a year-by-year basis or through a multi-year bundle.
Add 1 year: R119
Add 5 years: R299 (50% savings)
Add 10 years: R399 (70% savings)
Add 25 years: R799 (75% savings)
Lifetime: R1,299

If 20 Megabytes is not sufficient to store your key content, then you can expand the size of your Vault with a one time payment. You can add:

10 Mb: R49
50 Mb: R199
100 Mb: R349
No. Services like Dropbox, Apple iCloud and Google Drive are simply document repositories that allow you to mirror your hard drive. The only way you can grant posthumous access to these folders is by giving somebody your User ID and password. You have no idea whether somebody has accessed these files prematurely or even attempted to access your Dropbox or Google Drive.

MyVault™ is an estate planning service. We do not expect you to upload the contents of your hard drive. But rather, to curate important documents that you wish to pass on to your loved ones and family. It is best used together with MyWill™ and MyLifeLocker™.

The true value of MyVault™ is not the storage, but the proprietary Keyholder® mechanism that secures your privacy and controls access to your documents, even after you have passed away. With our Keyholder® service, you can grant access to different services to different people, and guard against premature access to your personal information.
Traditionally, people have talked about a Will, Power of Attorney and Advance Directives (Living Will) as being the complete estate plan. But this only really allows you to make the right appointments.

In your Will, you name your Executor. This person needs to gather up your assets, and contact significant people. MyLifeLocker™ makes this task much easier, by allowing you to document your assets, list key individuals, and document your account numbers and financial institutions. It ensures that none of your assets are missed.

MyMessages™ allows you to prepare messages to family and loved ones, to be distributed after you have passed away. Each message is personal and written for each recipient. Each recipient only receives the message that is intended for them.

MyVault™ allows you to store uploaded content. This service ensures that personal items that don't necessarily form part of your estate can still be passed onto friends and family. Your Vault can include audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, photographs or anything else meaningful to you.
Please take a look at our Security page for detailed information describing the steps we go through to protect your information.
Just send an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Upload important documents and digital assets right now using the MyVault™ wizard

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