MyMessages™ - Communicate After You Have Died

The MyMessages™ service allows you to prepare messages to be delivered after you have passed away. The messages are unlocked by your Keyholder(s)®, but only visible to you and the recipient.

There are countless ways to use the MyMessages™ service:
  • Share the location of your Will and important documents.
  • Describe assets to your Executor that would otherwise be undiscovered.
  • Pass on a personal message to a friend or loved-one.
  • List your login credentials for a digital Executor.
  • Include important instructions for the handling of your possessions.
Sample MyMessages screen

In the above sample, we show you the main components of a message created using the MyMessages™ service. You include the recipient and subject line.

You then create the body of your message that will be stored on our server in an encrypted format. You can also attach a file to the message, such as a Word document or spreadsheet.

You then save the message. After you have passed away, your Keyholder(s)® can trigger the release of the messages. Our Keyholder® System has controls in place to ensure that messages are not released prematurely.


Prepare Last Messages to your family and friends right now using the MyMessages™ wizard

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