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Write final messages for your family and loved ones online.

  • If something were to happen to you tomorrow, would everybody have the information they needed to handle your financial affairs?

    Do you think you would have effectively communicated your thoughts and feelings toward the people who have influence your life? Maybe you have some key messages that need to go to certain individuals that will help people move on, or bring closure to episodes in your life.

  • You may have wondered "How can I let people know about this after I am gone, without revealing it whilst I am alive".

    It may be a secret, special instructions, or your true feelings.

  • This is why we developed MyMessages™.

  • We will take care of delivering your messages to the right people at the right time and not before.

    Using MyMessages™, you can prepare messages for your family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. You name a Keyholder® who will be able to login at the appropriate time and release those messages (without reading them).

  • In the past, messages like this were reserved for a "sealed envelope".

    But this ran the risk of either being opened prematurely, or not being discovered at all. You may feel that your Will would be the ideal document for these messages, but a Will is a legal document that becomes public after you have died. It is not a place for personal messages.

Goodbye messages to friends and loved-ones

The MyMessages™ service is primarily for text messages, but you can also add audio or video files to your messages. You can upload photos or recordings to be delivered to specific individuals after you have passed away. These items will be stored safely and securely until your chosen Keyholder® triggers their release.

Your messages are stored safely and securely using our advanced encryption tools. Nobody can read the contents of these messages, not us, not your Keyholder®. Only you, and your intended recipients.

Of course, over your lifetime your messages will change. Instructions for accessing your assets will need to be updated. You may type a message for somebody today, that may not feel so appropriate a year from now. All the time you that you have an active account at you can login and update your messages.

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Prepare Last Messages to your family and friends right now using the MyMessages™ wizard

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MyMessages™- Frequently Asked Questions

MyMessages™ is a very personal service, with limitless uses. Most commonly, it is used as a way of communicating instructions for loved ones or the Executor of your Will. It could describe the location of your Will, or it could point the Executor to assets that are not widely known. But you can use the service however you wish; explain how you feel about somebody, pass on your values to the next generation in the form of an "ethical Will", you could even divulge a secret that you have lived with your whole life.

Messages can be entirely text based, but you could add documents, photos, videos or audio files to each message. When you step through the MyMessages™ service, you will be guided through the process of creating the messages and identifying the recipients.

After you have passed away, your designated Keyholder® will trigger the distribution of your messages. The messages will then be delivered by email. Only the recipient will see the content of the message.
Your recipients must have a valid email address. The messages will all be delivered by email.
Feel free to read details about our proprietary Keyholder® mechanism.

You will name trusted Keyholders®, who will be given the responsibility to trigger the distribution of your messages. When a Keyholder® is set up, they are given a unique Keyholder® ID. After you have passed away, the Keyholder® will be able to login at with their Keyholder® ID and see the services that they have responsibility for. These services will include MyMessages™.

As soon as the Keyholder® clicks to release the messages, you will be sent an email notification to tell you that your messages will be released after a period of time (set up by you in your MySecurity™ service). You will then be given an opportunity to block the release of these messages. If you do nothing (if you have passed away) then after a period of time, your messages are released.

The expectation is that you choose trusted individuals to be your Keyholders®. Although we have safeguards in place to ensure that your messages are not released prematurely, you should not expect any of your Keyholders® to release your messages until after you have passed away.
Please take a look at our Security page to see how seriously we take the privacy and security of your data. On this page we go into detail about our encryption methods and ways in which we secure your data.
With the MyMessages™ service, you can prepare as many messages as you wish, and set up your recipients of each message. You can add, modify or delete messages at any time. You can also set up your Keyholders®, who will be entrusted to release these messages at the appropriate time.

In addition, you can purchase more storage space for your messages at the following rates:
10 Mb: R49
50 Mb: R199
100 Mb: R349
The best way to learn about the MyMessages™ service is to try it. We provide a great deal of information throughout the process. You have full access to the MyMessages™ service without paying and without having to enter any credit card details.

If you have additional questions about other services, or about in general, please email us at [email protected].


Prepare Last Messages to your family and friends right now using the MyMessages™  wizard

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