How Does It Work? A modern approach to Will writing.

Once you set up your account at, you can name as many as 20 different Keyholders®. Each of these is given the power to unlock all or some of your services.

For each Keyholder®, you can grant access to specific pieces of information. For example, one Keyholder® may be able to unlock your final messages, another may be able to view the contents of your vault, some may have access to your funeral wishes, or you may want to give your Executor or Financial Power of Attorney access to your LifeLocker.

The Keyholder® system ensures that the right information gets to the right people at the right time. Equally importantly, we make sure that information cannot be access before the appropriate time.

Here's how it works:

Create documents
Step 1:
You use the services at to create your Last Will and Testament, express your funeral wishes, write final messages, prepare your advance directives, itemise your important information in your LifeLocker, and upload important files to your digital vault. You then name at least one family member, loved one or trusted financial adviser to access one or more of your services. Paper copies of your documents can also be printed.
Notify Keyholders
Step 2:
Your Keyholders® are given a custom generated secure ID, and are sent a note explaining their responsibilities and instructions for using their ID. If you wish, you can also send your Keyholders® a printed wallet card with their secure ID printed onto it.
Update documents
Step 3:
You can continue to update your documents and services throughout your lifetime.
Keyholders request access
Step 4:
When you become incapacitated, or you pass away, your Keyholder® can login with their secure ID and request access to your documents and other information in our system. To guard against premature access, you are immediately notified of the request, explaining that a Keyholder® is attempting to view your documents.
Keyholders granted access
Step 5:
If you do not respond within the period of time that you have configured within the MySecurity™ service, then your documents and other files are made available to your Keyholder®.