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Complete set of services to support South Africa Will writing

At, we don't only support Will writing. We offer a complete portfolio of services to help you document your wishes, describe your intentions, and make sure that the right information gets to the people who need it at the right time.

We have brought Will writing into the modern age, whilst supporting the traditional legal requirements of your Last Will and Testament.

We are also very open to feedback and suggestions, so feel free to use the Feedback form to submit your comments.

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Write your Last Will and Testament with the MyWill™ service

Statistically, we know that you probably don't have a Will. After all, about 70 percent of Brits haven't written their Will, and of those that have, many are not kept up to date. Traditional Will writing services are expensive and inconvenient. At, we have removed the barriers to preparing your Will. You can now finally describe how you wish to distribute your things.

In your Will you can decide who will care for your children, who inherits your home, and who will get your signed Bobby Charlton shirt. Our question and answer wizard will step you through all of these questions and more.

The service is written entirely in plain English, without any complicated legal jargon. But your final Will is going to be word-for-word identical to a document prepared by a top lawyer.

Throughout the service, there is help every step of the way to answer all of your questions.


Describe your healthcare directives with MyLivingWill™

Your Living Will is an opportunity to express the kind of health care you wish to receive if you are ever in an irreversible terminal condition. You can describe different types of life preserving treatment you wish to receive - or not.

Your medical team have a responsibility to keep you alive as long as possible without considering any financial or emotional repercussions.

With the MyLivingWill™ service, we will guide you through some key medical decisions, and allow you to decide on these. This protects your family and loved ones from having to make these difficult choices at an emotionally vulnerable time.


Have assets overseas or live abroad? Use our MyExpatWill™ service

These days, it is not uncommon for people to have assets in more than one country, or to live in one country and have assets in another country. Using our MyExpatWill™ service, we can take care of you.

If you have assets in England or Wales, or even Canada or the US, but live in a different country, you can use our MyExpatWill™ service to cover those assets. Maybe you have now settled in one of these countries, but have assets in your country of origin. Our MyExpatWill™ service will work for you.

We guide you through a series of steps to prepare your legal Expatriate Last Will and Testament, no matter where in the World you are currently sitting. You no longer need to find a local lawyer to write a Will in a foreign country. Simply answer the questions, and then download and print your final document. Sign this in the presence of two witnesses to prepare your legal Expatriate Last Will and Testament.

We have lots of help every step of the way to help you with each section of the service.


Put your information in the hands of the right people at the right time with MyLifeLocker™

You may have named your Executor in your Will, and written a financial Power of Attorney and filed this with the appropriate government department. But do your key appointments have the information that they need to carry out their duties?

Now you can organise, manage and protect your key information all in one place.

Your Executor has a difficult task. They must gather all of your assets and then distribute them according to the instructions laid out in your Will. How will they know the details of your bank accounts, investments, utility services, property information, and your online accounts? You can make things significantly easier by documenting this information securely through the MyLifeLocker™ service. You then name a trusted Keyholder®, who will be able to unlock the information at the appropriate time, and not before.

Preparing a Power of Attorney is the first step, but if your appointed representative doesn't have details of your financial dealings, they would not be able perform the tasks required of them.

MyLifeLocker™ creates a safe repository of your important personal information. Enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing that if something happens to you, your family can find the information they need very easily.


Upload critical digital files through our MyVault™ service

You may have documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, audio files that need to be preserved, or even passed to your beneficiaries. Perhaps you have a working novel, a recipe book, photos of your great grandparents. Maybe your files are more practical, like a scan of your birth certificate.

No matter what form these digital assets take, you can store them in our MyVault™ service. These can then be unlocked and viewed by a trusted Keyholder® at the appropriate time.

There are countless legal, personal and financial "digital assets" that need to get to the right people at the right time (and not before). You can do this using MyVault™.


Document your funeral wishes with MyFuneral™

Have you ever been to a funeral and thought "when I go, I don't want it to be anything like that"? Maybe you've made all of your preparations and you need a way to communicate them to your family. Do you wish to be buried or cremated? Would you like a wake? What style of ceremony? How much money do your think should be spent?

If you do not express your wishes ahead of time, your family and loved ones will be faced with these difficult decisions at a vulnerable time, when they are still dealing with their loss. Specifying your funeral wishes is a compassionate, thoughtful act.


Prepare final messages with MyMessages™

Do you have some messages that you need to get in the hands of key people, at the appropriate time, but not before? If so, then MyMessages™ is for you.

You may have some final thoughts or important statements to share. Perhaps there are people for whom you were never able to truly express your appreciation. You may want to thank people for the influence that they had on your life. You may not get that classic deathbed moment that you see in the movies, but you can express these messages now, to be delivered after you have passed away.

You can prepare messages to family, friends, colleagues, and these can be personal or practical. It might be as simple as letting people know where you have stored your Will. Or that you have some gold coins stored under the floorboards.

Write your messages now, and they will be released by your Keyholder® when the time is right.


Name your team with the MyKeyholders™ services

Once you have an account at, you can name trusted Keyholders® who have the power to unlock your services at the appropriate time. Each Keyholder® is given a unique Keyholder® ID generated by us. This ID is only known by you, and your Keyholder®.

When you become incapacitated or pass away, your Keyholder® can login with their Keyholder® ID and unlock the services to which they have been assigned. They may be able to view your LifeLocker, unlock your Messages, view your funeral wishes, or explore your digital Vault. Our proprietary approach ensures the utmost protection of the security and privacy of the sensitive information left here by our account holders.

Maintain your credentials with MyProfile™

All of your personal membership information is just a click away. Use this service any time information such as your name, address, or email address changes.

Any changes you make in your Profile are reflected in your documents. For example, you can change your address in MyProfile™, and then simply download your new Last Will and Testament with your new address inserted automatically.

Secure your information with MySecurity™

If you have set up Keyholders® to access your services, you can guard against premature or unauthorised access through the MySecurity™ service.

Each service has a time delay before being unlocked. In MySecurity™ you can configure this time delay and also take action to re-lock your services if a request has been made to release the content.

This gives you time to disable access to your information should you ever feel that your privacy or security has been compromised by one of your chosen Keyholders®.

Keyholder® convenience with MyWalletCards™

If you've taken the important steps of preparing your legal documents, documented your information in MyLifeLocker™, and uploaded documents into the MyVault™ service, then you must still make sure that the information can be retrieved when it is needed.

Naming Keyholders® is a great approach, but what if your Keyholders® lose their login ID? If you choose, we can send wallet-sized cards to your designated Keyholders®, for them to keep in their purse or wallet. Each wallet card is individually custom-made to include your name, your Keyholder's® name, and all the information they need to login and access your wishes.


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